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About us  

Owned and operated by David Ginader with support from my friends and family.  My wife Sung helps tremendously with the business as well from processing and shipping orders to web page redesigns and assisting with phone and email responses.  

Time Traveler Militaria was started by my father John Ginader, who got me, David, addicted very early in the hobby when I was about 6 years old as I tagged along to Northeast gun shows such as Greenbelt MD show, the Pikeville MD show, as well as several other mall shows.  My first purchase was a WW1 German Iron Cross 2nd class which got me started in German medal collecting and it quickly expanded from there.  We spent several years overseas in London where I went to the London area medal fairs and continued to expand my ww2 German militaria collecting and well as branching out to other fields such as British medals.  My father passed away back in 2010 and I have taken over the business we ran together for about 35 years.   It was a great time and I miss my fathers input, advice, and sharing of the love for the hobby.  However, I do have all my fellow collectors, friends, and others that I share my collecting passion.  I enjoy sharing knowledge, learning everyday, and helping others in the hobby whenever I can.  I do hope to do this full time some day, currently, I do this on the side from my full time job trying to open every other Saturday for about 4 hours to meet fellow collectors and share information.  So, best way to get in touch with me is via email and I will respond when I get an opportunity.  I truly enjoy this hobby and hope you enjoy my webpage and hope you enjoy this collecting field as much as I do.  Thank you.  

On my web page you will find Historical Military Artifacts from around the world.

I am pleased to offer quality German, Japanese, American and other world military collectable artifacts from multiple time periods.  My key areas of focus include WW2 German, WW2 American, and WW2 Japanese artifacts.  I am a member of several collector organizations and offer a nice selection of military artifacts from around the world.  I am pleased to offer original items of historical interest. 
All items listed in these web pages are original historical pieces.  So shop my web site with confidence, knowing that I stand behind all items listed here.                

David Ginader
Time Traveler Militaria