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WW2 German Helmet Liner Band - 66/58 1940

WW2 German M31 helmet liner band. Zinc-plated steel band. This one has the bent wire rectangular shaped steel based chinstrap bales. Marked 66 n.A/58 on one side (the n.A. represented "neue Art" or new model, the 66 represents size of helmet shell and 58 represents size of liner). Also, marker marked on band SCHUBERTH WERK K-G BRAUNSCHWEIG  and marked D.R.P. (for Deutsche Reichs Patent) and dated 1940.  This liner band does not have the interior section and the band has been cut down about 3 inches. So, it looks like someone modified this one to fit in a very small helmet, most likley a size 60 helmet shell now instead of a size 66 shell.  Damaged condition and cut down and riveted back together.  Parts or study piece.
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