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WW2 Japanese Army Officer Sword - Signed   

WW2 Japanese Army Officer sword (Shin-gunto). Blade with greying and much wear with temper line. Instead of the typical painted steel scabbard, has a wooden scabbard (saya) in rough condition. Also, this ww2 sword  has an unusual variation of the standard brass tsuba (hand guard) with single cut out hole on one side (sort of echoing the cut-outs of earlier tsubas) and also does not have a scabbard locking button latch or cut out in tsuba for one. Double signed tang, however, difficult to make out the signatures. Blade is approx 25 1/2 inches in length (approx 26 1/2 inches with Habaki). An interesting and usual version of the WW2 Japanese army officer sword.

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Item # SJ-274