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Japanese WW2 Army Officer Sword Scabbard 

Japanese WW2 Army Officer sword (Shin-gunto) scabbard (saya). Slightly textured brown-olive painted steel scabbard. Lower dent in scabbard near lower portion. The scabbard throat fitting (Kuchigane) has the side button hole that is slightly offset to the thick back side of the blade and has the two attachment screws still in place. Upper fixed ashi (fixed scabbard band with ring) in good condition. Lower Semegane (decorative attachment about 3/4 way down scabbard) in good condition. Lower Ishizuke (bottom drag) in good condition with single attachment screw. Overall length approx 30 inches which is usually for the 27 or 26 inch blade (28 or 27 inches counting the habaki).

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