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WW2 German RK Silver Platter - Wellner 120   

WW2 German RK larger silver platter. A nice Reichskanzlei (Reich Chancellery) marked item. The reverse of this tray is marked, "Wellner 120". Also, serial numbered on the edge with # 156469. Also, appears to have a very small W mark on one edge. The Reich Chancellery pieces are rarer than the other AH types. Size approx 25 inchs long and 17 inches wide. I believe this may be the largest size made by Wellner. The RK platter appears to have a possible copper under platting to keep the meat hot. It is believed that the under copper platting version is rare. Worn and used condition with the typical surface scratches and you can see little cut marks most likely from carving meat on the platter. Also, has a small indentation/hit to one portion. A great piece with interesting history from the Reich Chancellery.

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