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U.S. Navy G-1 Flight Jacket - Size 42  

U.S. Navy G-1 leather flight jacket. Tag size marked 42 and contract marked MIL-J-7823D (WP) DSA 100-71-C-0141 Brill Bros., Inc. 8415-268-7800. Given information, this would contract date the jacket to approx 1971 (Late Vietnam era). Jacket has the typical USN punched through the zipper flap area. Zipper works fine. Sleeve ends and waist section in good average condition. Average worn and used condition and is still relatively flexible.

Additional notes:
For G-1 flight jackets, in 1968 the D series was introduced and many of the jackets now had a fake fur collar instead of the mouton used in all of the earlier jackets. The D series G-1 jackets were still goatskin and were relatively common. These D Series jackets do tend to make great everyday wearers.
Note, contractor BRILL BROS., INC., produced these jackets from approx 1968 through about 1987.

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Item # UA-747